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Drama Drama the Movie

Drama Drama tells the story of what happens when five girls, all seniors at J.F.K. High end up in the principal’s office on the same day. Before that, these girls certainly weren’t friends; in fact, their taste in everything from fashion to music to boys was remarkably different.

But that day, something amazing happened. The School Principal, Miss Macy, frustrated by the persistent bullying problem at JFK High, carefully hand-picked five very different girls, who had one thing in common. They were all leaders among their respective peer groups, and in Miss Macy’s eyes, the perfect combination of personalities to run an anti-bullying assembly called SCAB (the Student Campaign Against Bullying). At first, the girls refused – it seemed so un-cool.  However, for independent-minded Mo, it was really an easy decision. “I’ll do it!” she exclaimed.”.  When Veronica inquired: “What are you going to do Mo?” In typical Mo fashion, she replied; “I’ll do what I do”.

Thus, when an impromptu jam session led by Mo worked so well, one by one, the girls decided to run the assembly …together. Amazingly, the five girls surprised everyone when collectively; they break into a song inspired by the anti-bullying theme!

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